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Forkbiz was established by long-term industry identities, Gary Peterson, Garry Ball and Andrew Tulloch. The platform that the company was established on is the desire to offer a level of service never before seen in the material handling industry.

The dedicated team that makes up Forkbiz prides itself on its ability to meet customers’ needs any time, anywhere. Forkbiz is committed to providing customer service beyond a level you may currently be experiencing elsewhere.



Forkbiz was founded in a small factory unit in Minchinbury in 2004 by Gary Peterson and Garry Ball.

The two business partners begun the company on their famed adage, “Unparalleled service to our clients is the cornerstone of our success”. This motto was never too far from the top of their mind and within twelve months they had expanded to additional premises within the Minchinbury location.

With increased clientèle came the need for specialised divisions within the company. In 2006 Andrew Tulloch joined forces with Forkbiz and his large fork truck expertise has seen this area of the business grow exponentially.

With the business continuing to grown in Sydney an opportunity arose in 2010 to open a second branch within Australia in Brisbane, Queensland. Opened in 2010 with just 1 manager & 1 mechanic. Since then it has been a thriving business with now 4 vans on the road & office staff. We’ve already out grown the workshop & moving into a bigger premises. Jim Sedgman & his team have a wide range of sales & after sales service can ensure that as a customer you can be confident that they will do their best to keep your machines operational.

The expansion of Forkbiz continues with plans to open further locations throughout Australia.